Friday, February 8, 2013

Did Beyonce Debut a New Nose During Superbowl Performance?

It's been almost a week since Beyonce’s fabulous halftime performance at the Superbowl and folks are still talking about it – however now it’s probably sinking in that Beyonce may have looked slightly difference.

Since the 31-year-old mega superstar hit the stage at the game there, it as been some gossips that along with her stunning sexy dance moves, she debuted a new nose.  There’s no denying that Queen Bee looks quite difference from earlier in her career, and while growing up has something to do with it, it’s rare that the tip of one’s nose takes on the brunt of the changes.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has not treated the singer, told Hollywood Life:

It’s extremely likely she’s had a rhinoplasty.” “I think she has had her nose narrowed and the tip refined. I do this same procedure regularly. She looks gorgeous and the surgeon did an excellent job,” he says.

It’s difficult to dispute the photographic evidence, and if you look over a timeline of her photos over the years, it’s obvious that Bee had some work done aroundthe 2003-2004 time-frame, and has maybe just recently undergone more surgery to refine her nose once again.

Hold up!  We know you’re thinking that Beyonce nose didn’t look quite so different when she sang the National anthem at the president inauguration ceremony just a few weeks ago.  However consider that Zap2It notes that the recovery time for a secondary rhinoplasty surgery can be as little as a week to 10 days, making it "absolutely reasonable" that Beyonce could have had the work done prior to the inauguration, and that some swelling had not entirely dissipated since that portion of the recovery can take up to two months.

With all that in mind it's up to you decide if Beyonce debuted a new nose during the Superbowl or not?

Check out Beyonce's fantastic Superbowl performance below.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beyonce Hair Extension and Wigs

Wondering how Beyonce's hair always looks so incredible? Don't worry, she's not in on some fabulous secret – she's just harnessed the power of hair extensions and (although we hate the word) wigs. Here, we'll take you through some popular Beyonce looks, as well as how to get them yourself.

What Are They?

Simply put, hair extensions and wigs are pieces of hair worn over your own hair to create length, volume and, in some cases, a healthier texture. Extensions are long, narrow strips of hair, while wigs usually cover the entire head or at least half of it. Falls are another form of hair extension, in-between a wig and an extension. Falls typically cover half the head, beginning at the crown, and are often used to create volume for pumped-up styles.

The best hair is human hair. Don't be fooled by those cheap extensions – they're cheap for a reason. Most are made out of synthetics (think of Barbie hair) or, even more frightening, the hair from horses' tails. They are difficult or impossible to style, they don't hold up well over time and they are always recognizable as being “fake.”

Quality hair products are crafted from human hair. This is why Beyonce (and the legions of other Hollywood starlets who use extensions) never look ratty – they're using 100% human hair pieces which can be washed and styled. The attachments on human hair extensions tend to be of a higher quality as well. Look for lace-front wigs if you're seeking the most natural appearance – the delicate lace at the front of these quality hairpieces virtually disappears into your own hair and scalp when applied properly.

Beyonce's Favorite Looks

When it comes to her hair, Beyonce usually sticks to a few tried-and-true knockout styles. We usually see her with either stick-straight, shiny locks, often nearly to her waist, or loose, bouncy, shiny curls and waves.

Thankfully, both of these styles are quite easy to achieve at home with the right tools. Remember that when it comes to hair, you get what you pay for. Purchase the highest-quality wigs, extensions and falls that you can afford, and care for them well. This means being responsible about heat-styling and storing them properly (you'll get used to the creepy fake head sitting on your dresser, don't worry).

To achieve Beyonce's straight look, you'll need heat-protection spray, a flat paddle brush, a blow dryer, a very light-hold hairspray and shine spray. Simply straighten your hairpiece in sections after using the heat protectant, lock in the style with a light mist of hairspray and top it off with shine spray for a sexy, dazzling finish.

If you prefer Beyonce's bouncy curls, just use a large-barrel curling iron, along with the protectant, hairspray and shine spray we just mentioned. Curl in one to two inch sections. Don't use a brush on those curls – finger-comb if you want a looser look. Blast with hairspray for a bouncy (not crunchy) finish and spray on the shine before you head out the door.

Always remember that your hairpiece is human hair, and can be damaged. Unlike human hair, it won't grow back, so be extra-careful, especially when heat-styling. With a few smart purchases and some common-sense care, your hair can dazzle just like Beyonce's.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beyonce Skin Lightening Accusation?

If you tell a black woman that they are lightening their skin then you had danged well better be right. That is one area that a woman does not play with, especially if they are proud and representing their heritage. Accusations arose about Beyonce having had skin lightening procedures a while back, and it has caused quite the controversy. 
Yes, the above image is in fact Beyonce, and you can see quite a difference in the photo of her. Ladies, ladies, ladies!  You can relax ladies; this is a digitally enhanced photo. It is called whitewashing, and it is something that any Photoshop user can accomplish. L’Oreal is the culprit behind this image, and they have been under fire for some time about this same issue. 

Fans are still not happy that Beyonce would allow such a thing to take place. In a sense it is denouncing or saying her own skin tone is not good enough. People think she should have stood much stronger on the subject; after all it is not like she is hurting for money. It is painstakingly obvious on her album covers that her skin tone seems to fluctuate. It leaves many to ask what the price of fame is really worth at the end of the day. 
This is not the first time that Beyonce skin lightening has come up into the public eye. People are paying attention. No matter what some chose to think color is still a major factor in our communities today. Why would Beyonce gain a level of statute to really make a difference and then turn around and send negative messages against color. Her whitewashing just sends tha message that white is right, and women of color are not happy about her insinuation that they are second runner up. 
Beyonce cannot deny that she approved, or at least saw these photos before they were released. 
These are not issues that will go away without being addressed by Beyonce herself. The African American community is not happy about her misuse of fame when they suffer prejudices everyday both by other races and within their own communities.
If someone were to look at Beyonce today her African American and Creole heritage is hard to see. It has passed the lighting and whitewashing stage and it now is a reality. Beyonce has lightened her skin. There is simply no way around it. Did the African American community not go through these same issues with the late Michael Jackson?
Don’t get me wrong Beyonce is a beautiful woman. Still, the earlier photos of her with Destiny’s Child show a much more natural beautifully toned Beyonce. She looked so much more alive and beautiful in her own right. It seems Hollywood is taking something from her that she will never get back, and she has somehow lost herself. 
Cosmetic changes are so common, but this is a touchy subject that many feel borders the line of self hatred.  Seemingly Beyonce is proud of her heritage, and skin bleaching is normally a temporary thing. Is is all part of hair and makeup, or has the starlit burned out?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Does Beyonce Wear Butt Pads?

Celebrities cannot get away with anything nowadays, and fans what to know it all. The big question many are asking is “does Beyonce wear butt pads?” According to our sources, she may very well have cushy in the tushy. Thinking about her physique when she was with Destiny’s Child tells you that something is amiss here. If Beyonce did wear butt pads, how big of a deal would it be really? It is only dirt if she tries to jeep it a secret. People do not like to have their intelligence insulted B, so let’s keep it real here.

The two round areas of protrusion from her dress clearly imply that Beyonce is sporting butt pads. It does not help that her butt is now bigger on the red carpet that it was in her video. Sure having a baby can do a lot to a woman’s body, but that is usually a permanent or gradually changing predicament and not one that fluctuates daily. 
Some are saying when comparing apples to oranges that she has had but implants, and others are saying that the baby is what changed her figure. Whatever the case is baby got back now, and she didn’t have it before. 
If she did wear but pads or have the implants to boost her booty oh well. We all know that Hollywood has fierce competition. Stars have to maintain themselves flawlessly. It is all a part of hair and make up. 
Starlets get boob-jobs all the time, so what is all of the secrecy for? If Beyonce wanted a perkier bottom more power to her. She only done what hundreds of thousands of other women would do if they had the money. 
The thing is that as long as she tries to keep it secret then fans will want to know. The press will continuously dig, and there will always be frenzy over celebrity rumors. If Beyonce would officially out herself it would stop the madness, and it would serve to support other women dealing with insecurities concerning their body. When you know that even Beyonce is not perfect and has insecurities then that is definitely sending a message.

The fact remains that as long as there are rumors there must be room for either side to be true. On the one hand you have an obviously thicker Beyonce, and on the other you have what she once looked like. It would ne natural to assume that she started wearing butt pads even in performances before her pregnancy.
She may have opted all out for the surgery by now, and then again she could have gained that bodacious booty after having her baby. Really at this point Beyonce is the only one who knows, and she is not talking. 
Fans and the media alike are keeping their eyes peeled for any fluctuations in Beyonce’s backside. At the moment the answer to “does Beyonce wear butt pads” is a guesstimated yes, if she has not already went through the surgery. No matter how big her derrière is the diva looks fantastic, and she really knows how to dazzle the crowd. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Get Hips Like Beyoncé Without Plastic Surgery?

Let me tell you how to get hips like Beyoncé without plastic surgery. First workout, second workout, third workout more, and if I forgot to mention it you are going to have a lot of working out to do. Let us reflect for a moment on Beyoncé's video single ladies, and think about how she moved throughout the whole thing. That was a heck of a work out. How many women are even capable of manipulating their bodies like that? Imagine the muscles that were being used in that one video alone; now think about how flawlessly she executed that. This means that the woman is used to some very tedious workouts on a consistent basis.

I say she is used to these workouts on a consistent basis because that video did not happen in just one take. Video sessions when stars are creating their masterpiece can take hours and days on end. You have to be in top shape, your body has to be in great condition and you have to be mentally prepared for the challenges. This all comes together to say one thing, Beyoncé trains; she is highly disciplined and dedicated to her overall fitness and physique. This is how she maintains her image so she works out like her life depends on it, because the quality of it really does.

With Beyoncé recently having gave birth to a baby, rumors have been flying about Beyonce plastic surgery. The favorite in the media and amongst fan has been surrounding an assumed Beyonce nose job. When photos were compared side-by-side, any expert makeup technician in Hollywood could have very well created the only differences that were present. Hollywood has some of the best makeup artist, and the things that they can do with the brush will blow your mind. They can very easily made Beyoncé's nose change may not necessarily surgically altered

There have been some new rumors though that she has had a tummy tuck and liposuction. Now I believe this is just wishful thinking for the haters. She did just deliver her first baby, and second, she has access to the best fitness resources available to anyone in the world. Se took impeccable car of herself throughout her whole pregnancy. Beyoncé was ready to be flawless again, and flawless she is. Having just been name is beautiful woman; she is very deserving of this award. She is simply glowing. Beyoncé is so much more than a superstar now; she is a proud new mom. Plastic surgery is not the first thing on Beyoncé’s agenda.

Kudos to a fantastic artist, and to a woman who appears to be a fine mother. Beyoncé Knowles is one very talented woman. She looked amazing then, and she still looks amazing now. Regardless of how she has accomplished it she has done a fabulous job maintaining her appearance. Beyoncé is a fine example to women and youth alike.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is Beyoncé Setting A Bad Example For Young Girls?

First things first, there has been no substantial evidence that Beyoncé has had plastic surgery. Secondly, it is not a bad example to have cosmetic surgery if you are doing it for the right reasons. Beyoncé is a superstar. Part of her job is to keep up her image, and if that requires plastic surgery then so be it. If she is comfortable with it then it is her decision. I think being able to make your own decisions for your own reasons despite peer pressure is a fine example to set for young ladies.

We live in much different times, and many things are acceptable today that were not yesterday. Women are now liberated. We are also held to much higher standards than we ever have been before. There is a lot of pressure on women today to be beautiful, successful and so forth. We also have options available to us that were never before within our reach.

To say plastic surgery is unethical or a bad example only shows a complete lack of understanding and ignorance concerning the times in which we live in. Of course as parents, we do not want our child alter their appearance. We love them for who they are and what them to love themselves in the same way. Still, how many times have women thought in the back of their mind, even if it has never been voiced out loud, I would like to get my boobs done? Many people go to have their teeth adjusted or altered, so how is this any different from having a subtle change anywhere else. If it is cosmetic, it is cosmetic.

All too often people want to justify and utilize one procedure while they condemn another. Well quite a few people find that to be a form of hypocrisy. How can you allow your 13-year-old have braces for slightly crooked teeth, and in the same breath turn around and tell her she cannot have her slightly crooked nose corrected. It really does not make sense.

There is so much talent available to us that we can tap into in this day and time. We live in a world where women can feel amazing 100% of the time. We no longer have to live with the minor flaws, because there are people who know how to correct them. Even if something is not a flaw and we just wish to improve it, what is wrong with that? Ultimately you are saying just because you are a good person you should not ever do anything to try to make that better. It is in form complacency, and that is something you should never be talk to the youth of tomorrow. Complacency is far more dangerous think to display to young people than daring to reach your dreams, don‘t you think?

When one takes a look at the issue on hand from that retrospect, would they not have to say no, Beyoncé is not a bad influence. She was already a beautiful woman, and she only wanted to improve on what was already there. Kudos to Beyoncé for a job well done. That is just like when she come onto the music scene she was fabulous, and she dared to continue to evolve. Now she is not only fabulous, but she has recently been voted most beautiful woman. I would say that is a fine example to set for young people today. The fact that she is a fantastic mom only makes it better.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Did Beyoncé get liposuction on her legs?

Yet another rumor has been added to the watch list of the never-ending Beyonce plastic surgery debates. Though nothing that was previously added has ever been founded, the list just continues to grow. The media and fans alike are teaming with rumors that Beyoncé has had several minor alterations done. The newest added to that list is the Beyonce leg liposuction craze. Still, with no proof people are only left to speculate on the rumors.

This is unfortunately the type of gossip that many people, namely women and the tabloids, love to run with. Beyoncé, having just been named most beautiful woman, tends to drag out the claws with some of her haters. Is it possible that it is simply time to accept the fact that Beyoncé just looks fabulous? Women hate it when they find their man staring Beyoncé down during halftime. She is after all, one tough act to follow.

We have to give it to the woman; she was active before and during her pregnancy. There is no way that she needed any type of liposuction or a tummy tuck, contrary to what some want to believe. She has a fantastic trainer, a nutritionist and a dietitian. That is just to name a few tools in her personal arsenal against excess body fat. She is going to maintain a fabulous physique, because it is what she has to do to maintain her career. True, Beyoncé has a unique voice, but we all know that her body and appearance is more than half of the battle she must constantly fight to maintain her image.

It is a guarantee that Beyoncé has worked throughout her whole pregnancy to maintain her body and physical appearance as much as possible. There are perfectly safe exercises and diet plans that can be incorporated safely into pregnancy. As long as the doctor is monitoring any changes and exercise or eating activities, the baby is one hundred percent safe. In fact, it makes for a healthier pregnancy.

Therefore, all Beyoncé has done is take excellent care of herself during her pregnancy, and this has made the road back relatively easy for the superstar. Most women know they have some degree of mercy shown by nature with a first baby. When you incorporate this with the fact that she was very well prepared for the road that lie ahead of her then, naturally Beyoncé was expected to look just like she does today.

In summary, the nose job, eye touch up, lip job, tummy tuck and now liposuction are all still nothing more than unfounded rumors. There is no substantial evidence to prove any of them. If Beyoncé has had any type of surgery to alter, her features done to any degree it came out fantastic. In reflection, when you give a look back on her video “single ladies” there’s no question that her fabulous legs come from her own hard work and discipline.