Monday, April 30, 2012

How Come Nobody Talks About Beyonce's Nose Job?

The thing is Beyonce plastic surgery has not been verified. Many people say the Beyoncé plastic surgery is one of her best kept secrets, but how do we know for sure? There have been photos that have surfaced showing Beyoncé nose job before and after. The thing is that the difference is very distinct yet all of the top makeup artists are capable of creating these subtle illusions. So will the questions beyond Beyoncé nose job ever be answered? One thing is for sure until they are, people are going to be wanting and waiting to find out the answers.

We all know how secretive Beyoncé can be. If she wants you to know something you're going to know, and if she wants to keep something a secret, the birth of her new baby should tell you she's going to keep it a secret. Surely we all recall how she reserved a whole hospital floor just to have her child. Beyoncé is a very private lady. She was beautiful when she came out with Destiny's Child, and she is still beautiful today.

Many rumors have surfaced throughout the years about plastic surgeries. None of them have been verified or validated. Nobody talks about Beyoncé's nose job, because nobody knows for sure that she's had one. The fact is it's all just rumors until something concrete is produced by media to prove that Beyoncé plastic surgery ever took place.

One must stop to realize that for Beyoncé came into the limelight she was a mere child. Naturally over time facial features as well as body ratios will change. So it's hard to tell when something is so delicately different if it was cosmetically done, surgically done or in fact simply a gift from mother nature herself.

Beyoncé was just name most beautiful woman. It is a title that is rightfully earned by the star whether she has had plastic surgery or she is all natural. She is a beautiful woman, and she always has been. Since having her baby she had possesses a glow about her that made her even more beautiful. Beyoncé has come a long way. We watch her grow -up, become a woman and become a mother. If she's had a nose job and even under the watchful eye of her fans and haters alike it cannot be verified, then kudos to Beyoncé. If it ever comes out that this did in fact take place people will be standing in line for her surgeons number that's for sure.

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